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Yogi Kortisa, eWPTX, eJPT, PenTest+, CND, CAP, CSCU, FCNS

Hi everyone, Yogi Kortisa here! I'm excited to be your guide on this journey into the world of cybersecurity. For the past decade or so, I've been diving deep into this field, from the technical trenches to the workshops and communities that keep us all learning and growing.

Let me tell you a bit about my background. Cybersecurity first grabbed my attention back in 2009, and I spent some time exploring the Indonesian hacking scene. Those early days were a great foundation, but I soon realized the importance of using these skills for good. That's what led me to become a cybersecurity educator in 2013. Maybe some of you are interested in offensive and application security engineering – that's an area I'm particularly passionate about teaching.

But enough about me! This is all about your journey. Whether you're looking to master the intricacies of Linux systems and DevSecOps, delve into the world of ethical hacking, or simply stay on top of the ever-changing cybersecurity landscape, I'm here to help. Don't be shy – ask questions, challenge yourselves, and let's learn together. The world of cybersecurity is waiting, and I'm here to be your guide!

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